Bert Scherbarth

2d~3d~2d~3d~3d~2d~3d, or Slouching Towards a Cedars Phenomenology

We’re working in conjunction with “Top’ o’ the Cedars”--- my ongoing drawing/mapping undertaking in the Cedars neighborhood of near south Dallas--- recording 360-degree panoramic vistas from 6 local promontories. Each viewpoint is thereby included/described/pictured in the other five. The arcs of their horizons converging in a harsh ellipse or a squished two-sided mandala shape…and these duel view-points, where two of the many circles meet, will be translated into a tinted resin model/sculpture of that magic zone: the interstices, as large as our building box permits.

We’ve 3-D scanned a linier clay construct and will employ that data via sculpt-cad, much like random building blocks, to trace, echo and re-construct our town from each vantage.  A bamboo scaffolded cityscape seemingly built by rival crews.

The curve of their aspects will be joined at their terminuses and distorted to a wider base for stability and elegance yielding a gentle mesa, like an inhabited transparent nuclear power plant or a living manufactured Devil’s Tower.

Completed, one surface you’ll be ogling is a backside, the mirror of what is projected from a point on a front side. You’ll be peering, at the opposite curve, at what would be your own scene/panorama (what you would see from your own high point), towards and including the source-point or loci of the arc you’re spying through. Each side will include the original tall place of the other; in essence, they empathize with, and are, the same world.

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