Jay Sullivan

Technical Specs 3 Digitally manipulated natural forms using Freeform modeling, Next Engine Scanning, and Solid Thinking CAD. 3 forms, hand scale, to be printed in separate materials related to their “origin” and mass: one in cobalt-chrome, one Objet rubber, and one white ABS shell. Each form to be accompanied by an individual STL for individual prototyping in any material.

Uncertain Nature

My work focuses on the creation of simple “natural”, mostly hand-scale forms—rocks, organs, detritus—through wholly unnatural digital processes, primarily using the Freeform modeling system, as well as altered 3-D and CT scans and materials and the additional use of CAD imaging. These seemingly unrelated digital processes have a relationship, more or less “uncertain”, to our concept of nature, its image, tactility, and materiality. They appear, at first, to represent totally natural forms.  Each has an extremely indirect history, from formation to the use of multiple embossing of unrelated textures—soles of tennis shoes plus clouds, for example.

The natural material world is a system of analogue relationships—the hardness/brittleness of a material, for example, has a field of possible manifestations (and a field of impossible ones) in edge, strength, ductility etc., none of which pertain within the digital environment except through simulation.  The various forms of RP return us to physical relationships, but within a totally different field of artifacts and possibilities.

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